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Erickson Realty and Management, Inc. strongly believes in a close team approach between our firm and the Board of Directors to realize the goal of all community associations of maintaining and enhancing the value of their property.


For your Association our team would be comprised of the following:




1.         Account Executive: An experienced professional manager responsible for the overall administration of your property and attendance at Board of Directors’ meetings.




2.         Financial Administrator:  An experienced accounting person who will respond to individual owners and Board Members regarding assessment accounts, bill processing and payments made. 


A collections specialist will coordinate processing any delinquent accounts through your attorney’s office. 




3.         Service Request Administrator: An experienced service representative who through a toll free telephone number receives all service requests and dispatches the appropriate association vendor.




4.         24 Hour Answering Service:  An outside very experienced service that is utilized to handle all after business hour calls and emergency calls.








           Assessment Collection

           Delinquency Notices

           Initiate Collection Procedures

           Bill Approval

           Bill Payment

           Bank Reconciliations

           Separate checking/savings accounts for Association

           Monthly financial reporting

           Budget preparation assistance

           Attendance at Board of Directors Meeting

           Annual meeting attendance

           Unit Owner roster maintenance

           Records and files maintenance

           Special mailings (Association pays printing and postage)

           Special photocopy

           Bid Coordination Routine Maintenance

           Legal Liaison

           Audit Liaison

           Insurance Liaison

           Court Appearance (Additional Charge)

           Service/Work Order recording and processing

           Notices of Rules and Regulation Violations

           General Correspondence

           Inspect outside contractors performance at Board's requests*



 *Charges based on professional staff fees.  We advise our Board of Directors to utilize the services of qualified consultants, engineers etc. to draft specifications and oversee all major construction or replacement projects to insure the work is performed according to prevailing standards in the trade or service that is being utilized.






*          A Special Assessment set up fee will be charged for each special assessment adopted by the Board of Directors.


*          A fee will be charged for negotiating and processing Special Bank Loans.


*          A fee per unit per month will be charged for processing a Special Assessment or Bank Loan   repayment.  The charge will continue for the entire term of the Special Assessment or Bank Loan.


*          A fee of 5% of the total cost of the contract for monitoring any major restoration/replacement contract requested by the Board of Directors.


*          Charges will be negotiated as optional services are required.



This web site is a service of Erickson Management Co.